The Scavenger's Colony

Hi! My name is Arnaud, I’m a 3D environment artist studying at Rubika Supinfogame, France.

For a few months, I have been carrying “The Scavengers Colony”, a project in which a tiny city is built by a miniature species with everyday-life objects and I wanted to share it with the community as my first 3D Environment. : )

Here is the showcase video for the environment made with the voice of Trinity Santos and Matthiew Reed Kriner.

If you want, there are more pieces of information and breakdowns on my Artstation and The Rookies page at those addresses:

The Scavenger's Colony | The Rookies

Hi there Arnaud. It’s an amazing job you did! The environment looks very detailed and big, and the narration while it showcases the area sounds really cool and adds to the idea. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Got some strong old Polish Kingsize movie vibes off the video ) A very decent project

Excellent project :smiley:

I’ve share your work last month at my blog :slight_smile:

I love the art style, looking forward to see more of this.