The rotten god - survival horror

Hello, two years ago I began making a video game with my friends, and due to new technologies, a year ago, we began since the beginning again with UE4, and we fall in love immediately…

Now we are developing THE ROTTEN GOD, a survival horror inspired in the oldest classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but with new concepts.

I’d like to present the pre-alpha!

See more info:


What do you think about the game?, and what would you like to see in a game like this?
Now we have a facebook fan page with more updates like concept art, making of… if you want to check them, and we would appreciate a lot your help, because is very important for the successfully of a project to have someone with experience in our side.


its looking promising, want to see vidssss xD

Of course!

look awesome:)

great work there guys!

I love the name of the game already.

Guys, helpful comments.
Now let’s to continue with hard work!

The first teaser!

demo version

Some fresh updates about the development of The Rotten God!
We are near of a demo version, maybe in a few months!
Now we are making the characters and the cinematics according the script:


Coming soon:


Thanks for watching!

Hi people!
I’m glad to show this:


Thanks for watching!