The rolling cube issue

Hello everybody,
I develop with my friends a small jump´n´run game with Dark Basic Professional.
We want to change to Unreal but there is one issue we can not solve.

We have a small cube that you can move using the WASD keys and the mouse. The cube is moving using the linear velocity here is an expamle:

Forward - x: sin(cameraAngleX) * walkspeed, get linear velocity Y, cos(camera angle Y) * walkspeed

so if you press and hold the W key you can walk forward away from the camera. We make the same in UE and it works but not perfectly. We suspect we make something wrong with the gravity.

We upload two Video where you can see how it is in DBP and how it looks in UE. Maybe someone know what to do and can give us a hint to solve our problem.

DBP: - YouTube
UE: - YouTube

Here is a pic of the movement bp:

Try to get forward vector from Camera or Character

Hmmm…I not understand for what I need the forward vector because through sin, cos and the camera angle Y I know where forward is :confused: