"The Robolab" - UE4 cinematic

Still learning, still discovering new stuff every single day.
This is a modeling, texturing, lighting study I did over the course of 4 weeks.

The story/concept
High up in the French Alps on a desolate mountaintop a few members of the EPIC staff have found a retreat to work on a secret project called “Robo Recall”. The game would later turn out to write history by becoming one of the first real jawdropping VR experiences,
a true industry milestone.

Epic awesomeness. I love the lighting and the attention to detail. The only thing that I think can get better is the snow material on the outsite.

thanks and I agree with your comment. I wasn’t able to get it looking the way I wanted in the timeframe that I had available.
I know, lame excuse, but you certainly know how the cookie crumbles :slight_smile:

Really, really nice :smiley:

And the music fits like a glove :slight_smile:

That part of your comment was a huge relief tbh.
It literally took me a day to find the right tracks.
This is a part of the process I could have rushed , but I’m happy that I didn’t.

Thanks again for the confirmation that I chose the right tracks and obviously thanks to the awesome producers that made these tracks (see credits)