The Returned

Hi guys,

Just wanted to present myself and my new project, I am palying and creating games since I was 7 (commodore 64 times … ) and just arrived to the Unreal Engine world a year ago.

Since then I have been learning and improving a bit my UE4 skills, playing a bit with all possible game logics to see if I can develop anything cool.

After a few months I decided to give a chance to the survival horror (ok, more horror than survival :slight_smile: ) when I found the super good Horror Engine for free.

Since then I have been addind more stuff to the project, creating my own assets, enemies, etc.

The name for the game is “The Returned”, I have a Youtube list where you will be able to check the progress.

I hope you can give me your feedback about it, please take in mind the project is in a very early status and almost everything can be changed.

Thanks in advace.