The Realistic Rendering Demo is Gone

Hello While i was downloading the Realistic Rendering Demo my PC started to Crash so i Locked it and left it to Download and went to sleep, later when i woke up i noticed that m PC is Powered Off, so when i clicked the Power Button it started to act strange and windows was doing a **Recovery Repair ** and everything was going good, i checked on the download to see if its complete or not and it started from 0% and the EPIC Games **Launcher **crashed and i restarted the PC and Everything was going A Okay, but the Realistic Rendering Demo was gone from my Vault and the store, couldn’t find it, and some of my Projects was gone and some assets, nothing else changed since that.

Please EPIC Games if you removed it For Upgrading to work with the New Unreal Engine 4.13,Than please don’t keep me waiting , and Please Bring it Back, if you Removed it Completely. and Thank You.