The Real Man Summer Championship 2019 - Track & Field styled "sports" game

Hello, I am making a small game as a stress relief, when my bigger projects were taking too long to finish.

The Real Man Summer Championship 2019 is a goofy sports game, inspired by the classic NES and Arcade sports games such as Track & Field, Gold Medal Challenge etc. I made 8 different action packed and tactical mini games as the “sports” events, and 8 different over-the-top characters who all have their unique skillset, items, animations, so everyone has their own touch.

Story mode will give each character a small storyline, and a special ending if you become the champion as him. One game takes around 30 minutes to finish, bit more if you spend looking for secrets, reading the tutorials on first time, or get so good at the events that they take longer.

Also tons of hidden secrets and achievements, some harder to get than others.

If you want to give it a try, I am looking for beta testers, probably starting next week (05.20.-).