The Railroad (free download)


This is currently my second free game made with almighty Unreal Engine 4 in the free time.
I have spend around 3 months working on it and all the content excluding music and some particle effects is mine.
This time the game is somewhat narrative driven while having similar styled desolated atmosphere of “Contours of a Dream”.


A video teaser:



Whats the game about??

It looks amazing, haven’t downloaded it yet but great job on the visuals!

Excellent ambiance and mood! However I’m with Martin, I don’t know what it’s about!

Thank you guys!
My bad that I didn’t say what is it about. The game is quite short and has similar mechanics of “Dear Esther”. So what you do basically is walking, enjoying atmosphere and watching appearing thoughts of player in form of texts. It is that simple :slight_smile:

Dismal! Really strong atmosphere, and I love the color palette and very volumetric-seeming fog. Makes me think of a story/setting like Twin Peaks, being in the shoes of one of those lost, flawed characters wandering aimlessly through the woods after some tragedy…

Hey, thanks a lot! One of the strongest feedbacks I had for this game so far. Atmosphere is the key feature that I looking for for such small projects like this one and by the most feedbacks I’m glad to know that it… kinda works.