i made a 2d game called the_radar i took blue print 2d side scroller character and made my own levels iam now in lv2 i made game over menu and working videos when i make lv3 :slight_smile:

Howdy nasser,

I am not to sure what you are asking for in your thread here. Are you looking for help to create your game or are you looking for work? Your description is a bit confusing and vague. Could you please explain more? Also, If this post is in the incorrect place, please let me know so that I may move it to the correct location. :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great day!

I am just taking about the show case I will share it towmorrow iam making the video now

this should be in the Work in Progress section

my character thanks for ManiakGaming for allowing me to use his texture for the 2d character his web site
more photos soon

me (programmer and level making)
onisanya (maken models)