The Quixel bridge plugin doesn't appear in Unreal Engine 5 on MacOs Big Sur

I can’t seem to find Quixel Bridge plugin in Unreal Engine 5, im running macOS Big Sur and it (the plugin) doesn’t appear anywhere! I’ve read the Early Access release notes but couldn’t find much help. Any suggestions on how i could enable Bridge?


Hey, @Jedy256! I am having the same issue since yesterday and still can not find an answer. It is been 2 days for you and I wanted to ask you were you able to find any answers.
Also I am in Windows and can not even add the Unreal Engine plugin with Quixel Bridge app.

You have to search for Bridge in your Vault and select the plugin for the 5.0 engine,
I had the same issue ^^

Hope it fixes your issues

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You’re awesome @briZoft. Thanks for sharing the info. Fixed the problem for me.