The Quixel Bridge plugin built into UE5 cannot be updated

“An update to the Bridge plugin is available. If you’re working from Source or Perforce stream, update your fork of the Bridge plugin source code to get the latest update” when opening Quixel Bridge plugin built into UE5

Click on “UPDATE VIA LAUNCHER” and the control panel in Epic Game’s repository will pop up. Go to the “Install to Engine” button under the Quixel Bridge that you once installed. Click and the “You can’t install this plug-in because it’s already installed on all compatible engines” will pop up. How do I do that?

My UE5 software version is “5.0.1-19764885+++UE5+ release-5.0”, and the built-in Quixel Bridge software version is “Quixel Bridge 2022.0.2”.

Like you, I later deleted the bridge in ue5 plugins, and the installed plug-ins appeared in Epic Games login interface. After removing the plug-ins, ue5 and bridge were updated and ready for use

Many thanks, I succeeded, too:)

Bumping, having the same issue.

First, what does “update your fork of the Bridge plugin” mean? I am using github compiled Engine, there is no such thing as a fork of the Bridge plugin.

Second, I am on Linux, so there is no Launcher.

How am I supposed to update the plugin?
Why is it not updated in 5.0.2 release branch on github?