The Quest For Answers

So I know I am not a programmer more of a script kiddie, I don’t think the blueprint directions helps me, I prefer to just see the code I guess. I think this is where I am weak right now and or perhaps its a relationship mis-understanding there are far to many pointers to separate blueprints you could say. However I think I am 90% of the way there its just holy **** soon as I follow the pathing and figure it out I got to start all over again because it was too long to remember it all and be certain of.

So Questions, and this all revolves around me just setting up what I would call a pawn in UDK3 and getting the animation tree working with he pawn moving around.

is a “State Machine” really needed if you already have a “Blend Space”? If so why or do I have to have both?

In the below link scroll down to inputting data the Direction & Speed green nodes I can not seem to find them to use them can anyone point the way?

So if I copied over the event graph for the control and movement input from the 3rd person tutorial & created my own mesh in the component and setup the camera / boom etc. It references my animation blueprint and etc and the mesh is running the idle animation and capable of jumping but I can not seem to move in any direction or control it from there. I think its because I need to finish setting up my aningraph and eventgraph in my animation blueprint. Would one agree?

See the Direction & Speed statement two paragraphs above, I think this is half the issue, however are there any better documentation or examples of just messing with or setting up the aningraph and eventgraph in an animation blueprint? I know Zak Parish is working on a tutorial but has something put anything else together? Or even some better insight on the control and movement input from a character blueprint. I have been pouring over all the material I can find and piecing it together for days now and I am just not getting any further. I think I will go re-read and re-watch everything I can but I think some expert direction/teaching would save me a load of time.

Thanks in advance

Actually, it’s already done and was made available earlier today:

This should make the front page news thanks, I am gonna watch it tomm and crash out.

Well that answered a lot of my questions. I just need to figure out a few functions for the type of blueprint I need to setup IE straffing and a little more complex blend but looks promising and I gotta crash out.

It sounds like you are getting overwhelmed by looking at and translating templates? I had the same problem so I generally stay away from large pre-made templates at this time.

Personally, I found it super easy to take 1 tiny mechanic at a time, figure it out, and repeatedly add more such mechanics as I figured things out.

I came to realize that I am an extremely visual learner. Walls of code just don’t do it for me, but this kind of work I could do forever.

It could be you are just a code type of guy, but first I would recommend taking baby steps and working your way up from the ground floor.

I dunno I gotta say those videos even though I was spent and brain fried really provided the relationships I was needing to see I was 90% of the way there but not confident. Now what I think I need to understand is what all I can call in the blueprints and IE everything that can be placed and what does it do. Probably just need to watch more vids and see more functions etc.

However I understand your approach and yes it does work I do recommend it and I am starting to come around to the blueprints.