The Protectors of Earth

My new project ( started yesterday )

The earth is in danger , monsters have been summoned to turn the earth into hell
Three earthlings were born with special powers to fight the monsters.
The earth is in their hands,
The Protectors of Earth.
Chris, Mei and Dara fought to the very end to find who summoned the monsters
They found a mysterious man called ( name being decided )
He threw them into hell called “Limbo”
How will they escape?..

Well seems to me nice story :smiley:
It will be action hack and slash game with boss battles and Quick Time Events

Chris WIP:

( made in Zbrush )
Took me 2 days to create this
He will be with a epic sword
and cloak covering him from behind and front
he will wear and boots
his cloak and boots are being created

I will post soon WIP of Mei



Dara W.I.P

Sketch of Mei ( by the voicer of Mei )

Update 2
Sketch of Mei From Behind

Update 3

Dara now colored ( without the eyes )

Gloves details:

Thats it for today
Ill be starting with Mei tomorrow :slight_smile:

Update 4
Chris is now being worked from new
because the first one looked like trash to me
Mei is postponed because of horrible results :confused:
For now all will have a symbols in japanese saying “Protector of Earth”
Chris will have 3 weapons : big sword , one handed sword and Dual-Wield Pistol that shoots lasers
He activates his Big sword and One Handed Sword from his Right Hand ( with japanese symbol saying “Blade” )
And his Pistols from his Left Hand ( with japanese symbol saying “Gun” )

Dara will have only claws , that she activates them from her gloves as you can see above from Update 3

Mei will have Axe that she holds in her back ( she doesnt have features like Chris and Dara ) , but her “Protector of Earth” Will be on her coat

I will post soon here WIP of Chris ( uncolored )

Update 5

Chris WIP

It says : 地球のプロテクター
translation : Protector of Earth

It says : 刃
translation : blade,sword ( this is where he spawns his big sword and his one handed sword )

It says: ガン
translation: gun ( this is where he spawns his pistols )