The Project Wars

Hello, this is Girritin. I am here to share the updates on “The Project Wars”, originally titled “The Administrator Project”.

The Project Wars is a F2P Third Person Shooter Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
Set in a dark future where private military create these living war monsters called “Projects” that battle each other for territory and power for their bosses, dubbed “Admins”.
Using a cyberpunk theme with lots of gore, this game is sure to fill the exciting pacts of an action based shooter and the leveling and scaling of a MOBA all in one!

Our current team:
Cole “Girritin” Kelsey: Level Designer, Project Leader
I am also in charge of character kits.

Reb: Concept Artist
Reb is a great artist with a talent for design. The one behind physical images of our characters and weapons, and our 2D Animations.

Sky: 3D props
Sky is the one behind our props for maps. He is also our 3D concept-er for weapon models.

Floyd Guard1an: Music
Floyd is the one behind the games soundtrack, with a knack for Trap and Techno, he fits the cyberpunk very well.

Allen Hazen: Programming
Allen is our talent behind our programming, ranging from How the game works to Networking and coding.

Steven “Jango” Ring: Balance
Jango is behind our numerical balance and is our assistant kit developer.

Talent we need:
We need a 3D character modeler for the concept art that I will be showing, and an animator.

91c2cb700f905cd697dbee3b1b6a5e1d6b149ab2.png GunDesign.png

This is only one character of a few that you will be able to play as.

You can contact me at
Skype: Girritin

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you have a great day!