The Project Launcher section of the documentation in not available in us-EN

Navigating in the documentation in English (us-EN) and trying to read the Project Launcher section you end up on a zh-CN version of the page.

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Engine Features > Packaging and Cooking Games > Project Launcher

Link expected to end up on:
Actual link you end up on:

Even if you explicitly type in the URL with us-EN you end up on the zh-CN page.

I think the link you have there is misdirecting. The text on screen reads correctly and when directly copied goes where it’s expected to. However, if you right click and select “copy link address” it’s the zh-CN link.

I’m not seeing the issue you’re reporting here. Navigating to the path manually, typing it in, or copying just the text link and pasting into the browser all direct properly when I check them. If you have any other details, let me know and we can look into but what I’m seeing right now doesn’t show an issue that I can reproduce at the moment.