The program does not start

Hi there.
For a proof-of-work test, I was asked to create a simple scene with assets.
For the first time I installed the program with release 4.27, because 5 was denied due to the software.
I have an I mac: 10.15.5 Catalina with ram 16 GB. 1 Nvidia geforce gt750M 1 GB.
After installing version 4, I tried to run the program.
But the first alarm that appears is:

“You are attempting to run Unreal Editor on hardware that falls below the recommended minimum configuration. If you choose to proceed, you may experience odd behavior like crashing due to memory constraints or issues with unsupported graphics drivers. You may disable this warning by running with ‘-skipminspeccheck’”

The second alarm is:

“Can’t find Xcode install for Metal compiler. Please install Xcode and run to accept license or ensure active developer directory is set to current Xcode installation using xcode-select.”

I might as well update my software. But I’m not sure I could solve these problems.
Any suggestions?
Or does this mean that I cannot use this program?
Is there no version compatible with my computer?


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Install XCode and give it a go.

Can you upgrade that GPU? That would really help.

Hello. I cannot change the GPU graphics board, because it is unfortunately integrated.

Apple store does not let me download the Xcode application.
It is necessary to have the software update.
I am currently looking for the Xcode release for Catalina.

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Hello. I downloaded the file Xcode by this page:

I got the release 12.4 for Catalina.
But the file has the format “.xpi”. I don’t know what format is it.
And i don’ know how install it. I drag it into Application folder, but nothing is change. And now i can’t move the file from the folder. I tryed to unzip file but it can’t.
I try to use terminal for write the command: “sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/”

But it doesn’t find the file .app. Infact my file is .xpi
Any solution?

At the top of that page, it says

But can you just update the OS and then get it from the store?

No, i can’t update the Os Catalina. I have read that my computer cannot install the new operating system beyond Catalina.
I don’t know why. Maybe a hardware issue.

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Hi, oh yes. Now after several minutes of waiting, It looks like I’m inside now.

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