The profitability of being a creator


I am pretty good in 3d modeling, my maps in UE4 looks great (especially for mobile)… and I am wondering about selling enviroments in marketplace. The question is…

is it worth it? I mean without promotion, how many people could buy my items? I saw some statistics from 2015 year, and they were very promising, but how about now?

It will be about 1-10 sales per month or 10-100? assuming that my item will be good. I know, hard to say but how was it in your case?

I am not sure about how profitable that is, but i can answer what ia am looking for from environment sets.

They must be coherent, ie. when i buy your packs my game should not look like patchwork.
So more sets in series that stick to single theme, i know it is kind of limiting your customer base.
But for eg. when you release packs every month or so, and i have already invested in one or two, because they suit my game, i will be buying new ones.

For that reason i bought almost every pack from that low poly collection, now i can make some low poly mobile game (or multiple games). And indeed is used those packs to experiment with city creation and some tank game prototype.

So think what those indie hobbyists (like me) need from your sets, and you will have customers. Hobbyists are majority of this marketplace, pamper us and we will buy.

Typically you would see between 1-10 sales rather than 10-100 sales a month.

How about you?