The problem with running applications on graphics cards Radeon

Hi, I noticed a problem running my application on graphics cards from the Radeon. The application was tested on four computers with GeForce cards and the application is launched. Even the old 9500GT launched application but radeon 280 or 290 was not able to. Is it the fault of the application? Without any error code is difficult to deduce. I put a link to the application.

Hello dzaggiel,

This could be related to the drivers that the computers with the Radeon cards are using. Could you upload the dxdiag from one of the affected computers? Also, what kind of problem are you experiencing? Is it a graphical error or is the application crashing? Is this an application that you created or something from another person? If it is something you created, do you get the same errors when running the game inside of the editor? What about if you launch it as Standalone from the editor?

We haven’t heard from you in a while, dzaggiel. Are you still experiencing these issues? If so, could you provide the information I asked for in my previous post? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes. Whenever you’re available, please leave a comment and the post will reopen.