The problem with material preview

I’m a recruit in using UE (one special momet: in tags i asighed that i use UE4, but frankly it s UE5. There’s kust no such tag), so i have faced with probably ridiculous prob.
When i’m making material its preview is always black. I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help me pls??

I think you just change this to 1


( or 0-1, for each layer )

I tried this, but it didn’t help. I found in forums that is might work if value will be 0.5, but it did work either

Yeah, just doesn’t work in 5. Fine in 4 though… :clown_face:

A lot of stuff is a bit broken with material preview.

Changing preview mesh doesn’t work correctly either…

Sooooo, it won’t work correct, whatever i do… Well, this is frustrating. Anyway, thx for help!!!
Looking forward for future support! :з

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