the problem of water color not changing

Even though I change the color of the water, the color of the top of the water never changes. but in another project, the color of the water changes.

only the color of the underside of the water changes*

An answer in the form of a question for you:

How can you change the color of a mirror?

thanks. but , both materials are the same, only the projects are different

Reflections can be individual to a project. Hence why I said what I said…

so can you explain to me what I should do? because I don’t know exactly which settings I should change :confused:

First thing to try is to make the material not specular to see if it has any color.
Assuming it does, then lowering that value from 1 should cause the reflections not to be so… reflective, which should show some of the original color…

If it didn’t work, share some images of the results.

nothing has changed at all.the problem is not in the material, but in something different, because the color of the water changes when I use the same material in another project

and the color on the underside of the water is as it should be (it’s been that way from the very beginning anyway)

If changing specularity doesn’t make your material non-reflective then there is a 100% chanche that something is wrong with the material.

It could be you need to increase roughness as well, if its set to 0.

Additonally, Try changing the material domain from single layer water to something else.

Experiment and see what works at it should and what doesn’t.

Based on your findings, you can go back to single layer water to try and make it work correctly.

There are a couple other parameters that could come in play with singlelayerwater that affect reflections and are project driven (screenspace for one), but id wait to poke around those until you figre out what’s what.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I created a new project and transferred the entire landscape there. the water is working properly now. thanks for all

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