The problem of speeding play of media texture after rendering/ue4视频材质贴图导出动画播放速度过快的问题

I’ve encountered a bug of UE4. When I was making a tv, added a video on the tv screen to simulate normal tv stream, and then rendered it. The problem is that the clip was played roughly 4 times faster, but in UE4, it’s normal speed. Any one knows why? or discuss that problem? thx.
本人发现了一个Unreal Engine4的BUG,我做个电视机,然后在电视机屏幕上加个视频材质贴图,模拟电视机播放,再输出动画视频,结果发现那个视频材质贴图的播放速度被加快了,被加速了4倍的样子,在虚幻4本身引擎中播放没有问题,有没有哪位大神知道的,一起讨论下


Using PNG sequence for rendering.