The problem of my game in the last step

Friends, there is a game called this talking tom main news bulletin. There’s a dog with him, Tom. Anyway, there is a system there.
You start the recording, you speak, and then the recording ends and you watch that recording with your voice.
I made a game too. There are scenes in the game, we will dub the characters in these scenes. Then we will watch that scene again with the recording we took.
I searched a lot but couldn’t find it. So I finished the game and that’s all that’s left. If I can handle this, I’ll put it on steam.
Can you help me? Does anyone know?

When the level starts, I will dub the characters from my microphone. My voice needs to come out in the game. When the level is over, my voice and level need to be recorded and watched. But that record will always exist. I can watch it in the recordings section. Always.

Hey @ThEczio!

To get things started, it is a bit unclear what you are wanting help with.

  • Are you looking for a certain feature?
  • Are you trying to find specific files?

Any additional specifics and information you can provide will go a long way in solving your problem!