The Portal Gun Mod

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Hey guys! I made a mod replacing the pistol with the portal gun! I plan to make it override the energy rifle eventually, but for now, grab the portal gun and have some fun! (I don’t have actual portals working yet, working on that, for now it’s just portal-colored energy rifle bullets) Click the B button to change the portal energy color. ^^

Portal Gun by KGM5 on Sketchfab

  • Downloads -

V1 - ThePortalGunModV1.robo
V2 - ThePortalGunModV2.robo
V2.5 (WIP) - ThePortalGunMod2.5EXPERIMENTAL.robo
V3 - Unreleased
V4 - ThePortalGunModV4.robo
V4.7 (Experimental) - ThePortalGunMod4.7.robo
V4.8 (Experimental) -
V4.9 (Experimental) - ThePortalGunModV4.9.robo
V5 (Version Blue) - ThePortalGunModV5.0.robo

Test Map - PORTAL_testmap.robo
(I just use this in the editor to test my code, since the level already has a portal gun in it I don’t have to only use the hub level in the editor, which is nice cause this level loads WAAAAAY faster)

In order for the portals to work, a vr_pawn is required that has overlaps enabled. The original vr_pawn does not, so The Step Turn mod is currently the only mod that I know that works with the portal gun mod! therefore, in V7 of the StepTurn mod, overlap events are turned on.

Step Turn V7 - Step_TurningV7.robo
StepTurn Mod Page -

  • Patch Notes -

Version 5.0 (Version Blue) Notes -
Version 5.0 is the definitive version to use right now! With release of version 5.0, the portal teleport functions finally work the way they should, with one caveat.

As of right now, something is wrong with the Orange Portal, that I’m still trying to figure out. Because of that, you can only currently travel from the Blue portal to the Orange, not the other way around, once I figure it out, this message will be redacted and a new V5 will be uploaded (probably V5.1)

Other than that, it works! Place down both Portals and walk into (or jump, soar, and fly into) the blue portal, and come out the orange, with whatever you held in your hand coming with you! Also, right now, throwing a robot at the blue portal will also teleport you to the orange. I’ll fix that in V5.1.

New video coming soon!

**Version 4.9 (Experimental) Notes - **
Version 4.9 FINALLY has a working teleport mechanic… although a little different from what you’d expect! The teleport code, for convenience sake, was placed in the bullet blueprints for this version, so any time the bullets bounce once, you teleport to a portal! Version 5 will place this code in the portal blueprints instead, so the code occurs when you walk through the portals instead. This version is still fun though! This mod also improves the Portal model, making a cylindrical shape around the outside for the glow to sit on, making it look more like the original portals. Look at some code bits that got this version working over here (and video coming soon!)

How to Move the Player from Another Blueprint

and here’s what the new portals look like - new.png

**Version 4.7 (Experimental) Notes - **
Version 4.7 features both portals, new portal color swapping mechanics, and (unworking) player teleport code. Both portals can now be spawned in the level by shooting the portal gun, and once one spawns in, the portal gun automatically switches color (but can be manually changed back with the Y or B buttons, depending on which hand the gun is in). Portals now show the view of the other portal, like they do in Portal and Portal 2. Now all that’s left to do is figure out how to move things through them!

**Version 4 Notes **
Version 4 introduces the portals! Er, well, the blue one, at least. XD Shoot the blue color onto a surface and when the energy bullet ricochet’s, it leave’s behind a blue portal! The portal has a 2D capture component attached to it, so the portal looks like a mirror staring back at you! Once the Orange Portal is implimented, you’ll see that portal’s view instead of the Blue’s view on blue, and vice versa.

The blue portal currently only rotates in the Z axis (for testing), so spawned portals on the ground face straight up and down (so you can kinda jump on em like a platform, but only if you’re careful) I’ll figure out how to fix that in the next update, hopefully. ^^


Version 3 (Unreleased)**

Version 2.5 Experimental Version Notes
Version 2.5 begins to introduce the portal mechanic, starting with a funny idea! I was figuring out how to make the energy bullet spawn an item when it bounces, but since I don’t have a blueprint ready yet for the portals… I used the portal gun blueprint instead. XD If you shoot any blue portals, right now it spawns a portalgun when it bounces the first time! XD Orange acts like the normal energy bullet for now.


Version 2 Notes **
Got rid of the ammo counter and bullet shells with this version, and also worked on the audio a bit, portal shots are now slightly more varied. Increased recoil for maximum portaly-ness. XD

Version 1 Notes
This first version still has a few bugs and missing features that I’ll be adding soon. The bullet shells haven’t disappeared yet, the ammo counter is still visible, and most notably, the portals don’t yet exist, but it’s all coming soon!