The player's camera is in the legs when he sleeps

The camera spawns in the player, much lower than the camera is located in the character’s blueprint. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t figure out what this is about. It’s worth mentioning that this part is not mine, it was taken from the community project Horror Engine. I tried deleting the camera and creating a new one, but after that I get lots of different and more problematic bugs, and it actually breaks the whole game. So I want to figure out what affects this. Help

Screenshots of the Character’s BP, including the components table on the left side, please.

Jesus, this could be a plethora of things. There could be scripting in the child actor “Horror Engine” that causes this, there could be a level sequence playing, etc. etc.

You’ll need to contact the creators because unless you know where to look, this could take forever to resolve.

I found the source of the problem, but if I try to do without these nodes, it gives hundreds of errors. How can I play around with these nodes so that the logic remains the same but the camera position does not change? Or the values are taken from my camera value and not from another one.