The Plague, True FPS from the makers of Age of Chivalry

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Frosty Elk AB is proud to be announcing their upcoming new pc-game title The Plague.

The Plague is an online multiplayer, Real FPS. It can be seen as a mix of Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and RTCW.
*It all begun hundred of years ago on a land called Agatha! A land divided by two factions, the Mason Order and the Agathia Knights. Booth factions believe they have the right to the throne, and have been waging war over the crown for as long as anyone can remember.

But death takes its toll, dead corpses and blood red rivers makes the perfect growing grounds for deceases of all kinds. Where and why it all begun, is still unknown. At first it was only a few infected in a small village. But it rapidly grew and spread all over Agatha.

The two factions who ones where fighting each other, now has to stand side by side to fight an even greater enemy, the Plague! But the hate still grows strong within the factions, and it is not with joy that they have to seek help from the enemy.
There are a few places in Agatha where the plague has not yet reached, these places now have a huge value. As if the plague where to take all enemies, only the strongest will stand tall. The strongest survivor will be the rulers.

Take side in the battle against a greater enemy. Fight the enemy, the plague and in the end be the last one standing! Choose your style of gaming, be the team support or at the frontline. Play as an Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or as a Blacksmith. The four classes are each needed to form the perfect team and become the winners.

Read more about the game and follow the progress while it is being developed.

Release date is not yet set, but it is aimed for a late 2017 release.

/Frosty Elk AB


As someone who has worked extensively on both Age of Chivalry and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, I am curious how accurate the statement is of “from the makers of Age of Chivalry”?

Who on your team has worked on Age of Chivalry? I say that because the rights to use that IP, and the universe it belongs (Agatha and Mason Order) are owned by Torn Banner. Unless you have there blessing to make a commercial game built using the Chivalry universe I would seriously rethink your approach or you put yourself at risk of being sued or shut down. If the game is non commercial and completely free such as a fan made project, that is a different story.

Might want to clarify that part. Good luck!

I myself are the founder of Age of Chivalry, that where later made into Chivalry:Medieval Warfare. Wish i was part of as Lead UI and later back to Leveldesigner. On the team is also the Lead programmer from Age of Chivalry, and we have been recieving help from others in Team Chivalry as well.

So that makes me curious! Who are you and how do i know you? As i myself has been working on Age of Chivalry related stuff since 2004.

Best regards
Rickard “Drakir” Drakborn

Ah yes, of course I remember you! I joined AOC months prior to moving the game to UDK and helped spearhead the Environment/Level Design efforts for the first 1.5 years or so. You might remember my Arena level showcased at the PAX event you help build the castle display for as well as the Stoneshill fly through promotion video shown there.

You are the true creator of Chivalry in my eyes. I figured you had long since retired after receiving your royalty income, to which I never saw a dime.

You have others from Chiv helping you? Michael Bao as lead coder?

I started a project similar to what you are presenting here-

Nice to see you still around. Are you making this separate from the AOC combat system or using any shared animations/characters from Chiv? Would be interested to hear more. Best of luck with it~

It’s really fun to be back again, here is something about me from the AoC days
AoC on ModDb

I actually remember when this interview came out. It was around the time I discovered AOC and started playing it regurarly, prior to joining team. CR1 was when the game started becoming great. Ten years ago now? I feel so old. :x

Hi Scott! Had no idea that you once started a project so similar to the one we are making now. I hope you dont think i stole your idea… btw…sad you abandoned the game, looks cool.
Guess we never worked together much, as after the public release of AoC i took some time off to be with my family and handed over the lead to Steve.

To bad that the level “Siege” never made it into the final Chivalry game, loved that map in AoC! Also, i am a true fan of your modelling skills!

We are trying to honor the old Age of Chivalry by re-using some of the old content, but thats pretty much all. The rest is completely new.
This time around we are aiming for what you see is what you get, with a True First Person experience and a new combat system built with real physics interaction.

The aim is to make a game that is awesome to play and that requires teamwork. The core of our team is former Team Fortress and RTCW:Enemy Territory clan players. So we love games where all classes are needed and also require strategy and skills. This game will be more what Age of Chivalry was intended to be, and what we initially wanted Chivalry to be. So this time, it is gonna be the dream game we always wanted to play!

Are you still in the business?

Yeah I am still around after taking some time off. I am in process of trying to bring back my “Dead Crusade” project on UE4, but with a revamped design that puts an emphasize on a unique gamemode that focuses on strategy and skill with emergent gameplay. If you want to discuss project plans to see if any common interests, I can run by you what I had in mind and vice versa. Do you use Skype?

My skype is scott.petty.tni


Latest Alpha playtest.

Now in Beta.
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