The Phantom An Episodic Adventure

The Phantom is an Action, Choice that Matters, Six part Episodic Adventure.

Follow the epic journey following James, a seventeen year old boy, as his life is changed forever after two events cause him and his friends to become the worlds greatest mercenary.

Free Flow Combat
Time Travel
Open World
Controller Support (for PC)
Third Person Viewpoint
Choice that matters

Team so far (Most of the team so far doesn’t want me to put there names in the meantime)

Game Director, Writer and Project Manager




This is the first game we have ever made.

We are looking for the following talent (If you can do more than one job, don’t hesitate to say you can do more than one job):

[FONT=Arial Black]Artists
2D for concept art.
3D Character Artist
-Experience with Maya
-Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & non humans

[FONT=Arial Black]Programmers
You can apply for one or more of the following Programmers
-Game Tools
-Network Communication

[FONT=Arial Black]Sound Engineers

[FONT=Arial Black]Level Designers

We require that all people have experience in their respected field and with UE4.

We don’t want people to fell pined down to one job at a time, so you can work at everyone’s own pace and if someone has an idea we want them to fell safe to suggest their idea to either me or other people that are on the team.

You can contact me via personal msg in the meantime.

Thank you for reading

So how is the first part of this 6 part adventure progressing?

Hi, im musician and i can be the sound designer