The Perfect Score - By Dragonwall Studios

Dragonwall Studios is an upcoming indie studio creating a game called The Perfect Score. We have been developing the game since March and since then have picked up development speed and team members. We consist of a dedicated team that works to further our goal of releasing the beta successfully and moving towards final release. In that spirit we will post gameplay, level, and feature demos regularly to communicate the idea and the direction of this game and if it might interest you.

The Perfect Score is a third person multiplayer game where players team up and carry out daring heists against extravagant odds. These heists can happen in anywhere from a museum to a casino, and each level is different in the planning and execution that must occur to successfully carry out the heist. Our game is different in the way that unlike the relatively few decent heist games out there, our game places a much larger focus on teamwork, strategy, and planning. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the gameplay will be slow and dull. We hope to achieve a balance where we place a high emphasis on careful planning but having the actual heist be intense action throughout. With such a game we obviously need to have a strong and realistic AI for players to feel challenged in devising strategies so stay tuned for upcoming AI features in this thread along with other unique features we plan to include.

**First demo and tutorials released. Check out our FB Page and YouTube channel! **

Meanwhile enjoy a few samples of models for our game:

An exhibit piece worth millions. Have fun trying to smuggle this out the museum.

Boots from the World War 2 exhibit. Not worth much but a good place to start if you are trying to build your way up.

A statue on the casino building… I’d tell you what we have planned for this but that wouldn’t be any fun.

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Demo Released!
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Tutorials on our Reaction System for Melee Combat Released!
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looks cool