The Penalty of GameInstance

Let me start by saying I appreciate that Epic shares their Engine with us openly. It does have some very nice features. Now unless I’m doing something wrong, GameInstance isn’t one of them.

There is a nefarious penalty for C++ and GameInstance projects that I’ve come across. I have a sizeable project consisting of a Menu, and nine levels. Whenever I try to migrate a single level, just about every thing is migrated. Try to build (package) a particular level, again, every thing is included. At the time I started working on LongshotHero I contemplated about keeping each level in its own uproject but thought that would be counterproductive and too much maintenance would be duplicated, error prone, etc.

Packaging takes a long time processing assets that weren’t supposed to be included anyway. And for Android, failing due to exceeding the 2GB size limit. Sadly it took well over an hour to get to that message.

At this point I’m compelled to manually migrate my levels out into individual projects, and try referencing the source from a centralized location. I’m wondering if I can reference shared assets from a central location too?

I’ll add more results later. . .

No, you’re wrong on all accounts. Prove it otherwise.

Why would the Android packaging be processing assets that aren’t being referenced. I think I know why though. At this point though I’m not sure it is affecting the final output.