The Path of Calydra - 3D Action Adventure

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The Path of Calydra is a 3D platform-adventure game set in the fantastic world of Calysgore, in which the boy Matheus and the entity Calydra join forces to overcome numerous challenges.

While Matheus can climb and dodge environment obstacles, Calydra has an arsenal of magic skills and uses Matheus’ backpack as a catalyst, living inside it as well.

Main Characteristics

Magic Backpack. By the powers of Calydra, Matheus’ backpack can assume four different shapes that completely change the gameplay. You can attack, fly, swim or even get invisible with the skills achieved throughout the game.

Challenging Puzzles. Brute force is not the only way to overcome Calysgore’s challenges. Treasures and pathways are protected by complex puzzles that combine mechanical forces, weight and the magic of the four elements.

Epic Fights against the Guardians. Unique creatures guard the powers of Calydra and it is up to the player to face them one after another. The Boss Battles is one of the game’s highlights, and each combat will be unique and remarkable.

Non-linear Exploration. In a diverse, ready-to-be-explored world, its great buildings and mysteries evoke classics of the genre such as “Shadow of the Colossus” and “Ico”, where the exploration of every corner of the map can reveal new secrets.

Sense of Adventure. We are creating an exciting experience that will leave the player engaged with the story and captivated by its protagonists, ready to keep on following the universe and consuming the franchise’s new products.



**Universe **

The Path of Calydra is set on the fantastic world of Calysgore. Its land, inhabited by various exotic beings, is formed by an archipelago with the most geologic and climate varied islands.

Calysgore has numerous giant abandoned buildings with mazes and rooms locked by complex mechanisms and keys. The current inhabitants of the land do not seem to be responsible for these buildings, but they live in harmony with the environment, which is now mostly covered an exotic vegetation. There are no other humans in this world, and the presence of Matheus generates different outcomes from these creatures, disturbing the apparent peace of Calysgore.

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Looks Fantastic, full of creative beauty. The Music is bright and full of life!

Awesome Work

Tnkz TechLord… :):):slight_smile:

It looks amazing and extremely professional and looks like it took a lot of work to build. Do you mind if I ask how long development has taken to get to this point and how large your team is? Thanks and best of luck.

Two years… With 3 people… :slight_smile: