The Paper Forest - UE4 Learning Game

Hello Everyone.

I have decided to make a little GameProject to improve and learn more about working in Unreal, especially Note based programming and animation (it gives me also an opportunity to practice my rigging an low poly modelling :wink: ).

This little Project will be completed in the next few months. Any feedback Is highly appreciated.

This week I concept the game, thinking about a nice story and the kind of gameplay.

I always greatly value an nice story in every game and this project gives the perfect opportunity to make a nice little one :slight_smile: .

The Game occurs in a fantastical forest world, all characters and environment is made of Paper. You are a hedgehog in this forest and lives a happy life. But all is in danger, a big Plague is haunting the inhabitants of the woods. Infected animals turn into soulless shells aimless wandering around. Elder fox will tell you to go and find the origin of the plague. It will be up to you, it’s your choice to kill or free the infected. But each have their own consequences. Will you be able to save the forest and the inhabitants?

Basic gameplay will resemble a Roguelike First-person. Chose will be imported giving the player options to Paint them (Colouring back, saving their souls) or Burn them (Killing them). These are the same kind of melee attacks.

Throughout the game the player will find ranged Element attacks.

Each option will give the player another (but comparable storyline) with a whole other ending.

Underneath there is a fist level mockup, as well some thinking notes of my concept.

Feedback is always Welkom! Hope you enjoy making my progress over the following months.

Ewout :wink: