The pains of game development in unreal engine 4. [Mini rant]

**TLDR:**Unreal engine threw a hissy fit, bugged out and ate my game. This is my attempt to entertain others while talking about my journey.

Hello all! A little bit of a disclaimer here before I rant away:

  1. Everything in this post is in no way to be taken aggressively. Although this story is 100% true, I am not angry about the events that occurred. I still love Epic and everyone involved, this is all awesome, in my opinion.
  2. I am a c++/visual basic/c# programmer of many years. Eight, to be exact. I am only saying this so you can somewhat gauge my expertise.
  3. Just to get a feel for blueprints, I decided to do this entirely in blueprint if possible. I have coded entire game engines in C++, and it would be nice to have a break from C++ for a change.
  4. Before the 10th of march this year, I have had no experience at all with unreal engine. However, I picked it up somewhat quickly, as it’s not too different from anything else.
  5. I started on unreal engine version 4.9, and ended on 4.11.
  6. This is just what I feel is an entertaining way of blowing off steam. I do not want to report a bug/etc. I just want to express how unreal has made me feel.

That said, Please allow me to spin you my tale of woe. I decided to post this here, because the things I faced were not really things that could be fixed by the answer hub really, and some of these problems were just lightly documented.

I am a small indie game dev, who will perhaps become noted one day. I work with others on and off, contract, no contract and with help of friends. Often, I am just coding/ designing / working alone. I find it fun to create. (don’t we all?)

as of 2 weeks ago, I started to make a simple, but hopefully fun, multiplayer shooter in unreal engine 4. (I will hope to share it with the world one day soon!) It revolves around a simple shootout between 1-12 people on two teams, with modifiers changing the entire play style. Anyone familiar with unreal tournament modifiers will have an idea what I’m talking about as far as game play goes. This is a short log of how it went on each day that development took place (7 total):

**Day one:**I launched the multiplayer shootout example, just out of curiosity as how someone would go about multiplayer. Studied it, dissected it, learned the ins and outs of the blueprint system.

**Day two:**Basing my game project off of multiplayer shootout, more for the models/content than the blueprints, I figured I’d gut it and rebuild my game from it. I crudely add the first two modifiers in, laser sights on the guns, and drunken random aim, although they work, they have no menu or way to apply them in game yet. I also modify the base shootout map, as it has too much bloom/lens flare for my liking. Does not look western enough.

**Day three:**I decide to give the modifier list a proper home. I hard code every modifier into the list (the hard way), and add a modifier selection list when hosting, to allow you to add modifiers to your game, along with a map selection, even though there is only one map so far.

**Day four:**I enable movement, as the multiplayer shootout does not have any by default (unless we count that halfway left in thing?) And tweak the speed to be functional. I then notice lots of things broken about the multiplayer shootout game, such as transitiontostate being used improperly or sometimes not at all (you can notice this if you use the in game menu to return to the main menu). I google this and it seems to be a known issue that the multiplayer shootout is…well…broken, although no one has fixed it yet, So I fix ALL the errors with it, all the bugs and odd behavior, polish it up, and then begin continuing on my game now that the multiplayer shootout is working. I did not post the working game because ideally, I’d like the fixed multiplayer shootout to be where the broken one is, for others to learn from and not have to do as much work as I have done.

**Day five:**I finish several modifiers (12, to be exact) and add them all to the modifier list by hand. I then implement a save system to save and reload the modifiers, so that you can play matches with “presets”. I start doing online testing with my beloved fiance. Turns out, the modifiers don’t work because I did all the code for them in the gamemode construction script, which seems to not exist when the game is packaged. Would have been nice to know that. Time to move all the blueprints! I also add plugins to beef up blueprints, but one of them forces me to upgrade unreal engine to 4.11 (I’m looking at you, Rama.)

**Day six:**I move all the blueprint server loading to the game instance, where it (should) work, package the game and play a match by myself. EVERYTHING is working as intended! Woo! I add jumping, and team start points, and game play is solid from here, with modifiers to boot!

**Day seven (the day I made this post):**I begin to imagine an easier way to add modifiers to the game without hand writing them in everywhere they show up. Each modifier has a custom tool tip, name, etc, and I eventually want them showing in game during matches (so other players know what to expect online), so I would need an easier way to move them around and add them/show them. I use an array of structs and pull my information from that everywhere. This new system makes it 100% faster to add modifiers in the future! so, I test the game, its working perfectly! I then package the game since this is monumental in development, and:Ambigous Error! I cannot package my game because of an error I’ve never seen before! So I say I’ll fix it later. I go to my map, and…It’s black. The floor of the map is messed up!, So I playtest the game and I can no longer move. So I playtest from the beginning and the main menu no longer opens. I check it, and…there is nothing on the blueprint event graph! I also walked away from my computer for 30 minutes, and returned to a message that Unreal engine 4 was using “too much memory in windows” and it needed to be closed. I checked and its using almost 16 gb of my RAM. Now, I’m aware of some kind of memory leak, because as soon as I upgraded to unreal engine 4.11, I sometimes have to restart the engine to have the game tests in viewport run smoothly. That seems like a leak sort of problem to me. It seems 4.9 didn’t have this issue, I’d leave it running for hours while watching movies and it was good to go.

At this point, I have to rebuild my game. Luckily, I have a backup stored on my fiance’s computer, but…Why so much heartache, unreal engine?

I have questions/feedback, but I feel some of them are not fitting for the answer hub (and I may as well add the others here), such as:

  1. Why isn’t there a disclaimer that construction scripts are useless in gamemodes for packaged games?
  2. Would anyone be interested in the fixed, properly setup multiplayer shootout? Is it possible to get a fixed version uploaded in place of the current? Have hammer, will fix!
  3. Why did adding a list system (that works in editor) break packaging my game?

If this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing, please forgive me, I am new-ish to the forums!

Finally, Thank you for reading! Hope I’ve entertained someone! :stuck_out_tongue:

**Update:**I’ve repaired my game and am full steam ahead. I’ve solved a lot of the problems, there was a combination of them. I will detail them all to save others the trouble. First, there was a blueprint error in the default multiplayer shootout when you opened game instance in blueprint editor whilst the main menu map was open. I think that caused the “memory leak” It’s not a leak, but rather a ridiculous pile up of errors. I replaced the main menu and that fixed the problem. The deleting my main menu came from the editor autosaving whilst I was in between working on it, but me myself not wanting to save the work.

The error I got with packaging was actually an “unknown cook error” and it was because my savegame file had somehow become corrupted. I deleted all the variables in my savegame, and switched them to an array, and it works perfectly now, there are no errors in this game, after fixing 3-5+ errors that came with multiplayer shootout.

I’ve also started a thread for the game mentioned here.

[QUOTE=Would anyone be interested in the fixed, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I would be very much,

[QUOTE= Have hammer, will fix! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that. I’m going to use it my self.
the first time I use it I’ll give you credit
the second time I’ll Say some one said.
the third time I’ll say I always said.

welcome IcemanX
You have come along way in a short time. congratulations.
I looks forward to playing your game.

Good Luck.

IcemanX, you might be onto something here. I’m a C variant programmer also. I just dove into the Unreal Engine and “Blueprints”. I have only used 4.11 but have made it a habit to save all and restart the Unreal Editor because I noticed weird stuff like this would happen.

Being my dumb self that I am I never made any backups of my working project and now I’m at the point were it’s broke because multiple functions have the same name but can’t find the “multiple named functions” rofl.

Im sure it’s a memory leak issue but I will give you some advice… Don’t use blueprints. They glitch out, cause memory leaks and can never tell you the source of the error. Let alone file hierarchy… Blueprints is a way to get new people into the unreal engine I believe. This is a big reason they only support blueprints because they know you can’t actually use them in a production environment. They are a cool concept and fun to play with but until we have something solid like programming I can’t even imagine blueprints in a large scale project rofl.

Check out the marketplace, @Allar created an entire 1st person game with just Blueprints. Are Blueprints perfect, nope…are they being improved all the time? Yep. I’ve not had those issues you have described above…?? Take care…


Well then, Let’s get the ball rolling! Do you know how to apply a zipped project file on top of the original multiplayer shootout? That’s the best way I can see giving you the updated, fixed version. Small download size that way. If not, I could upload the entire project.

Go for it. I made the saying up, but I am sure I’m not the first to say it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind it though. As long as it doesnt wreck my project so I lose work. (which it is doing!) I kind of enjoy blueprints, I like to see how far I can go with them, and it’s pretty far, which makes me happy. I love coding too, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to get out of the IDE for a while and still get things done.

Honestly though, along with all the content on the unreal engine wiki, there should be a “THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE GOING STRONG WITH UNREAL ENGINE” page. little tidbits like, ignore construction scripts on gamemodes, check memory of your pc and keep an eye on the output log and get on git no matter what if you care about your project at all. That would have helped me immensely, knowing what I know now.

After more tinkering around I’ve finally sorted out my bug. I honestly think what it comes down to is I’m new to this and no matter how much experience you may have we will all run into things like this. The unreal engine is so vast and powerful that these random anomalys goes to prove just how vast this thing really is. I’m learning more and more by the hour blueprints aren’t bad it was just the way I was implementing them. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got your problem sorted! I too rebuilt my game and found out it was the savefile that was causing my game to fail packaging! Everything is good as new, and ready for testing. I am full steam ahead now.

Also, if you ever need help (Or anyone else, for that matter) Do not be afraid to pm/message me, I love programming/design and I like solving others problems more than my own.

Welcome to forums.

My current desktop image sums up programming quite well - with or without UE4.

Thanks for the welcome Kris! I actually know why my code works though! The savegame blueprint did not like the variables. No matter what I did, it would not package with that savegame file, so I had to delete the variables in it and rebuild new ones, then it worked! Now, understanding why unreal engine hates variables sometimes is beyond me. I would love to poke/peek at the source code to “help”, but I am afraid it would take me too long to get acquainted with the engine API and such.

Rofl, this is me and Blueprints hahaha. Thanks for the comedy and welcome.

Ok I lied… this is not only blueprints for me. I remember I was adding a string to an array in C#. This day I left half my brain somewhere so for some reason I forgot about operators. All I had to do was ‘+=’ but instead I made a ridiculous string append function and right after I finished it I realized…

Till this day I remember operators :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo! just to update everyone, I’ve solved all the problems, am working on the game more, and I’ve decided to open a work in progress thread, to help me keep focused! (writing down what i’m doing helps me work on it better.)

Here it is!

This my friends, this is why we use version control.