The pain of updates

I run a (very, very ) small Architectural practice, our three principle production products are Recap, ArchiCAD and Twinmotion. The workflow between the three worked well and all three are exceptional good products for what they do. However upgrades have always been a problem, I would say this was more the case with ArchiCAD, but upgrades of any sort generally generate as much if not more pain than benefit for users. So a number of years ago I decided to stick on ArchiCAD 20. It has been a good run. But finally this year I was pretty much forced to upgrade to AC27 and at the same time Twinmotion to 2024.1 and Recap to 2024 version. My life has now become a s**t fest. The licencing for Twinmotion was always bizzarre, but great for those of us that paid once for a licence and got free upgrades, but now we are losing features unless I pay an unrealistic sum for cloud use. It is similar with ArchiCAD and Recap did the same a few version back. So our services to our clients have been scaled back accordingly, no more sharing scan model, Twinmotion model or even ArchiCAD data. Is the only way to maintain a consistent level of performance as far as our clients are concerned, to revert to a drawing board? The pain of upgrades for us, is just a cost, someting we learn to live with, the loss of features that we once loved (always a big issue with ArchiCAD upgrades) is always tough, but when we lose features that we had been offering clients, it does not reflect well at all. Fot Twinmotion a more realistic form of licensing cloud use would be greatly apreciated. In all other respects I love the software.

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