The Packaging process

Hey, I can get my games packaged and working on Android, but the process doesn’t feel right. Here’s what I have to go through;

Package the game, copy over the APK and the OBB. Install the game and open it, so it makes the folder for the OBB… if I make it myself and put the OBB there, it doesn’t work, I have to open the APK after install even though it’ll fail because the OBB isn’t in the right spot. Then it’ll create the folder, now I put the OBB there. I must move it using my phone, that OBB folder is “Locked” from being accessed on PC.

Then I have to launch the game once, and it’ll get stuck on title screen. I must launch it again, where it will get stuck at a black screen. Then I can finally launch it one more time, and it will finally work!

The device I’m using is the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

None of this is the end of the world, it’s a mild inconvenience at worst, I’m just wondering if it’s what everyone has to go through? Is it normal? Or should I be able to package, put it on and launch once and have it work correctly without having to move the OBB around or launch it three times?

I think you need to untick the option - verify OBB on first run on project setting.

On a side note, if your game is less than 100mb, its better to tick the option, package game data inside .apk from the project setting too.