The Packaged game conflicts with any and almost every antivirus . Any help?

So when i packed my game for windows (32bit) , it conflicted with my antivirus. i couldn’t play it until i disabled my antivirus . same thing happened on all of my friend’s pcs . while the close friends were willing to disable their av . most werent willing to disable their avs . its really inconvenient for a packed game to conflict with any antivirus. any idea how to fix it ? . am using unreal 4.10.4 . heres a screenshot of my settings

if anyone needs the files to try and fix it : Google Drive: Sign-in

I’m no expert on this, but I believe that is because you’re creating a game that is unsigned,etc, so it may cause picky antivirus to trigger. Also, what antivirus are you using/ your friends using?

This happened to me a few times, no Idea what causes it. Sometimes it trigger my AV, sometimes it doesn’t. Quite weird…

unsigned ?? how do i sign it then ? . Atleast you are more experienced than me .
i use quickheal , and thanks to my freinds i tested it on avira , avast , malwarebytes (this one outright deletes the files ) , panda pro and mcafee . all of them conflict with the files

I haven’t released anything with unreal engine 4 yet so I don’t know, sadly. It’s definitely a false positive like franktech says though (as you created the game yourself, you already know it’s not a virus, and usually signing is the last step, such as when the game/project is finished.

Honestly, it sounds like someone made a malicious unreal engine 4 game/Malware before, and the virus software are just flagging unreal engine programs no matter what they are, thanks to the one bad program. If that’s the case, then there is nothing you can do. In that situation, most people are willing to allow a game through firewall/antivirus after release. It’s a common problem on steam, if I recall.

yea when its on something trusty like steam , people are willing to let it through their firewall . but when its a first time project like mine most are willing but a few are there who will say " i am not disabling my antivirus for your s*** " . so yea still a bit annoying… antiviruses are recently getting notorious for false positives . seriously half of what my antivirus detects are false positives .

I personally don’t use antivirus protection. I feel being careful and doing manual scans are plenty. The internet is very secure these days, they even cracked down on Flash, so If you don’t open anything weird/ click any ads/ stay in safe websites, you should be fine. However, virus protections have become kind of a stigma these days, in that everyone feels they need one, so I don’t think they will be going away for a while. What franktech says is true, about virus protection degrading.

Hope this helps.

this is very true . but its sometime tedious and often impossible to get through to some people that AVs give more false positives nowadays than actually detecting a malware. they just give the remarks of “not disabling my overtrusty antivirus for your half baked malicious projects” , and that can be a bit discouraging

and yea the war on drugs is exactly whats happening with AVs

that might be true . despite the fact that my AV sucks a bit of ram and cpu and gives false positives . it protects me from my careless neighbor’s usb drive which has destroyed my old pc in the past , i literally threw it off since win xp isnt available anymore and it cant run more than that . so yea , a decent reason to keep AVs

In that case, it sounds like it would be beneficial to create them a guest account. Also, if you’re talking about the windows xp era, that IS when things were bad. Things are not as bad now as they were then.

haha true… my point was just that even if you are careful the people around you arent . and around here people would be lucky if 1 out of 100 people would know how to send an email. @.@ seriously report says 70% of the computer users in our country dont know how to send an email . and yea this thread is not going according to the topic . so i guess theres nothing to do about the false positive ?? just hope that the AVs dont be a bully ?

No, there is nothing you can do. Those antivirus protections are just really picky, and they are “protecting” you from things they don’t recognize, which they can’t recognize it because you JUST created it. So…I guess your antivirus is working good? :smiley:

haha , atleast i feel good after this thread . and i can just ignore people who dont understand a false positive and call my project s*** . thanks for your time everyone

That is false positive. Proper signature will not solve this, a lot of malware has signatures. Unreal had some false positives already. Engine “packs” or joins together multiple executables back to back, and this is exaclty same behavior as droppers and some downloaders do. As result unreal packaged files are detected.

All you can do (if you can share your project), is making thread in feedback forum, and sharing FP files with epic staff.

The issue is automatically resolved once a few thousand people use your game. Then it’s no longer an “unknown executable” for the AV software and all is fine.
So really nothing to think much about. :slight_smile:

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I am new to the concept of Signing your build. I know that you need to get private key from some kind of certificating authority and to encode the key in your build somehow.

So first, how do you find such authority, how to contact them ?

**Second ** how do you actualy sign your build.exe with your private key ?

You throw money at Microsoft.

Note: I necro’d this because every single post I find just says ‘search for the answer’. Well, it took me 4 hours so I am sharing the link here.