The Outer Rift

Ok, I have this grand vision in my head, but I have never used Unreal before and don’t even know if it can do the things I dream of doing, but hey, that’s why I am talking about it first, right?

Basically, the idea is that the game play is similar Mass effect + Dragon Age Inquisition, and the plot is inspired by a game called Star Control 2. You are one of 16 characters spread out among 4 classes. Humanity has just finally won a massive and terrible war against an alien race, and is in the throes of recuperation. You have been assigned to a ship as the Captain/Security Chief/Engineer/(A fourth class that I am uncertain of the exact name of yet), and have been given a mission directly from the High Council of the Terran Confederate (Well, not directly. More like they needed this to be done, and someone found you guys and signed you up). Looking back through the data files from before the war, there was a human research outpost established on the other side of the alien race’s empire. When the war began, no one was willing to spare a ship to go all the way through enemy territory to help out a research outpost. That would have been suicide. But now that the war is over, you might as well check.

You ride you ship to the planet in question, but when you go into orbit, disaster strikes! So sort of field surrounding the planet damages the ship’s techobabble, and you end up crashing onto the planet. Only you, the other 3 character classes, and some of the emissaries from the assorted alien races survive the crash. As you begin to take note of the strange land you find yourself in, you soon discover that this world has magic, like from the fairy tales of Old Earth.

Your mission now has 3 parts

  1. Understand this “magic” and see if it can be brought off planet
  2. Remind the lost humans of this world that they serve the Terran Confederate, by any means necessary.
  3. Find a way off this rock.

Sorry to tell you that, but start small. Stay realistic.

This is a long term project in every sense of the world, I’ll admit that much.

I think what Kraut means is that it is a very ambitious project for someone who is new to unreal. You will come across to many brick walls and could quit in frustration. My advice would be to start on a few small demos. Very simple until you get to grips with unreal and then when you know more start on your project.

Look up the acronym, KISS (not the band) :smiley:

Here’s the way I’m looking at this in my head, and you can tell me if its dumb or not:

You have a minor midlife crisis or whatever, and you go out and buy a classic car. You take it out for a quick drive and are fully aware it is, frankly, old and worn out. So you make that car a project of your’s. You spend months tinkering on it in your garage in your free time, sometimes isolating yourself from everything except the machine. You spend months tinkering on it, updating the engine, adjusting the chassis, fixing old wiring, painting it just so, etc. But when it is finished, that car is a part of you, and you are forever a part of that car. The Outer Rift is my classic car. I do need to figure out how to utilize Unreal, and maybe this engine is not the best option for what I want. But the point is the dream, and doing the work yourself.

I was not planing on being this philosophical today

P.S. Is it Keep it Super Simple or Stupid Simple? I guess either would work.

I guess everything starts from an unique idea but as someone said in a previous comment stay simple for the moment. Especially if you’ve never done game developpement before. Before getting to the main idea you have to work so hard… You want to come to point Z without doing or learned how to beggin to point A and so on. So follow some tutorials here and there and try to make simple things first, see how you can modify the 3rd personn character controller etc and make your own blueprints etc. Build the things around your core gameplay and after all of those elements, try to create you unique features.

good luck dude, work hard and keep learning !