The Other 99- Single player, Open world, survival-action, story based game

The Other 99 is a first person open world action-survival game set on a windswept Hebridian island. You wake up with one piece of information, a single note that reads “The only way off the island is through the other 99”.

From here you make a choice, do you do everything you can to survive no matter what or who tries to stop you? Or do you fight against the notion in the note and try to find another way? Every person you encounter is different, unique in their own way and with exactly the same information you have, how they use that is up to them. They each have their own story to tell and a small piece of the puzzle that is The Other 99.

We’ll be coming up with some more regular updates in the future as the game approaches its steam early access release date later this year. Heres our page for it!

We’re a small studio of 4 from Cornwall, England and we’ve developing this for a little while now. The reason we wanted to post up about it is because we’re incredibly excited about the game and wanted to share it with the Unreal community that has been incredibly helpful, motivational and inspirational in our pursuit of this project. Thank you, you’ve helped us get this far.