The Original: Robot Collection

Welcome to The Original company robot collection pack.

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Meet TOHM, The Original Home Maker!

Apocalyptic destruction has driven TOHM to embrace the new calling of survival. Surely no oversized insects or barbarous neighbors will stand toe to toe with TOHM!

Meet TOBI, The Original Battle Initiator!

For that friendly punch that every battlefield needs. TOBI will be a welcome addition to any squad who require a consistent, and eager, start to any fight!

Meet TOSH, The Original Serving Host!

Customer service is TOSHs prime directive. Always on hand and never late, TOSH will be a welcome addition in any establishment!

Meet TOD, The Original Destructor!

The first to market construction robot! Able to operate in any setting, TOD can handle all construction tasks and is more than capable of rapid demo projects that just can’t wait until morning!

This character pack includes one character mesh with 4 PBR material sets that can be mixed and matched.

It’s my big jump in a new workflow, feedback or questions are always welcome!

Will be updated to work with previous versions of the engine early next week.