The Origin. Thriller & Cinematic free-running game!

The Origin ( The name isn’t official. ) centers around a story driven thriller & cinematic campaign told in first-person narrative and set in a full science-fictions world overrun by memory. Its presentation is similar to the cinematic gameplay which is been used by Quantic Dream. The protagonist, need to explore his daughter brain to save her from a coma. Without any traditional weapons, player have to navigate the dream environment with free-running: vaulting over low obstacles, crawling, and sliding through narrow gaps. In addition, He may survive encounters with nightmare by hiding and doing combo.

The protagonist ( No official name at the moment. ), a dad who’s living with his daughter alone, receives an SMS by her daughter asking him to take her back from a school party. Arrived to the place, he find out his daughter on the ground without any sign of life, calling the urgency, he get able to save her. Unfortunately, she’s in a coma… The dad find out a scientist which ask him to test out his new inventions that will connect both brain, while dreaming, he will be able to explore his daughter brain and he will need to explore different part from her memory in order to save her.

Who I am ?
I am the directors and the manager of this project. In a nutshell, I will be the one who will tell you guys what to do and how to do it, I will “Manage” the team to make sure that we accomplish our objective till the end. About my knowledge, I am a developer for C# and C++. I also managed to get some web programming knowledge such as PHP & JAVA.

What I am looking for?
I am looking for free and motivated human who have a good mood and be happy to work with US.
Having knowledge would be preferable too, you’ll probably be tested out.

  • **2D: **Concepting and illustration
  • 3D: Organic and Hardsurface Modeling
  • Rigging, Animation and Mocap: Experienced with all facets of UE4’s animation system
  • UI design: UMG, Scaleform/Flash or Coherent
  • Level Design: Advanced knowledge and experience with Unreal and Unity. ( planning, terrain, lighting, shaders, materials, post processing, and everything else… )
  • **VFX work: **Sprite based or real time particles using Cascade.
  • Audio: Full soundtrack composition and sound effects
  • Programming: Advanced coding and Uscripting for UDK, UE3 and of course UE4 (including full blueprint coding)
  • Writing: Creative writing services for scripts, dialogue and game design

Question and Answer

  • **Q - **Will I be paid ?
  • **A - **No, its will be free-to-play. ( Can be changed )

Artwork, Demo, Scene and more

Team Managed List
**Exelo : **Game directors and manager

If you have any advice to help us improve don’t be shy and say it.
Any help of any kind will be helpfull.

If you want to join us in our adventure, make sure to contact me on Skype or by posting here.
Skype : Myexelo

Ps : The thread will be updated.

I can do a bit of Level design but thats everything I can do for now ( unpaid ) I dont really want money :slight_smile: I just want to learn more and get better … I do need a better computer but for now this will totally do :wink: email me ( I dont have skype yet … ) ( yes I was a minecraft fanboy but I dont like it anymore and this is an important email so im sorry for that horrible name )

I can do a bit of hard-surface modelling and texturing. I´m a beginner 3d-modeler that´s been messing around quite much in UE4 and love blueprint scripting.