The Organization Stand Alone Game

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► Project Status: Early Alpha ◄

**A little bit of the Alpha Of the Story line:
The Community Started off as a Regular town, But times were rough and Impromovent was needed, So The goverment Transfarmed the town into a super high tech community. This is where robots were around, aliens that the community had to fight off and the goverment lost control of the community. The Communitys Rebel had a plan on making things the way they were. They make 6 Atomic bombs and placed them around the city. at april 1 is when they blew up the Town and made sure all the rebel and community members that weren’t currupted didn’t get blown up. The town was Gone But the government expected this and they got our safely. The rebels plan worked but with a cost. They had no supply To make the old town the way it was, So they took all the Buildings they just blew up and Remade there own town with a more future like Look. The Government saw this and they took control again. The rebels were Angry at this and they knew they need to work them self up and craft new equipment to take down the government this time. There name are The Organization…

How the Game works: The start:
You Start in the city town hall which is not able to be claimed by people,
You do the Beginner quest to get to know the game and understand how it works.
You will then buy a house and start making your Defences
You will spawn in printers, Forgres, and Genetators.
This is when you will level and get Materials till you can get another quest

Mid game:
By now you should be in a Gang so you will have gang battles
You will be raiding people for there stuff for you can level a bit faster
You will be wanting to Trade with other players to get stronger like, Weapons, Armor, Upgrades, Materials, Blue Prints. Money
You will contunie the short quest line to get your some exp and items

Late Game:
You will be helping your Gang mates Get stronger for you can be the best gang
You will Contnie to print and get materials to get money, And Upgrade your gang
You will be Fighting a Lot of people to show your skill and etc
You can contunie playing till you get the best of everything and become the most rich!
After that you can Go on the Just PvP Servers/ Or remake a new Char!

Other Info about the game:
There will a lot of events Almost eveyday
There are no spells
You can have multiple chars
its all guns in this game.
You Buy a house that is pre built in-game" And you can make props that can be exploded from other players that is trying to raid you and inside your base you have printers where you print money/exp over time and you level up
You will need to buy or find blueprints to craft the item you want
You craft Weapons and Armor and the stats are random so Grinding materials is important, You craft upgrades to fill in slots in the Armor/weapon which is random from 0-8,
you get materials From doing quests on your off time from forgres because the game isn’t all about quests, and you then use materials to craft to the blueprint.
you level up to 10 and you get your first set of gear and type of weapons “like I said you can craft good gear for your level” You can craft Normal, Unique, Elite, Epic, Legendary
The weapon/armor you get is every 10 levels so 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100
You also can raid other players So protecting your base with turrets, Props that people will need to jump or crouch to get threw, and etc.
there are 0-30 servers 30-60 servers < – that’s when people start getting really good 60-100 <— too get the best Stuff Just level 100 PvP
We are doing this because for level 100’s cant just insta raid new players
they cant trade with there own account
This is a grindy, pvp, raiding, first person shooter.
there are a lot more we can add to this, but this is a lot **


Our current Team

Project Managers: Kamron J.

Game Design: Kamron J.

Programming: None.

Level Design: Kamron J., Dawson S.

2D/3D Modeler: Jed A.

Sound / Music: Ivan G.

Textures: GetLegit

Artists: None

We are Currently Looking for members of our Team so if you are Intrested Here are the ways to apply

Email Kamron @

Apply on this Thread

Private Message Koinn

Add Koinn on Skype: TyltimTv


Here are Some of pictures In-game from this week

This game is based off the Gamemode “GangwarsRP” off the game Garrys mod.

Hey guys, were still looking for people!