the only way to fail... is to quit

Never quit, keep working on your goal day-by-day, and you will complete it!

Good luck building that macaroni staircase to the moon :wink:

Dont need luck, Need a plan, determination, and persistence. I’m using Buckyballs not macaroni:)

Might not be able to build a staircase to the moon with macaroni but in the process learn to feed the world. :wink:

To True! Another piece of advice is put aside differences and ask for help if you get stuck.
(I learned this the hard way)
As Tech Lord says NEVER QUIT!


This is a good mind-f**k topic. I had a mentor who liked to say: ‘the ones that make it are the ones who don’t give up’.
It does feel like there is a kind of fundamental or universal truth to this, especially in creative fields such as game dev.

But surely there is a tipping point, where its necessary to accept failure, in order to stop you going over a cliff?
Not everyone can be successful in a given field, either due to personal limitations or crippling competition etc.
Consider this: Failure at something, might actually be Step-1 at finding success at a completely different field.

Game dev is so demanding, it has a real opportunity cost or represents real opportunity lost at working at something else.
So why bother? I say go for it, as long as it feels enjoyable. So many other jobs have little sense or any feelings of reward…
Then if you make Mega-Bucks someday: Help set up an egalitarian Game-Storefront that most devs can only dream about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who says that as a game dev we have to earn money? Why not just do it for the fun? I do agree though that there is a possibility that gaming is not your thing. I think though that when you go over that cliff there is always a way to open your parachute and make a nice landing in your new thing.

The point is, there is such a thing as achievable objectives; no amount of determination or persistence will allow you to achieve what you cannot.

“Who says that as a game dev we have to earn money? Why not just do it for the fun?”

that’s the spirit.ive been doing it for about 8 years and havnt made any money(spent a fair bit though)but I have made a few games and demos and loved every minute of it.

Is that a motivation thread?

I hope as hobby?

Finishing is the key.

Define your objective precisely in practical terms.

Then just make progress until you’re done.

Many times “quit” is a gateway to find success somewhere else. Successful birds often have their eggs split between multiple baskets.

I knew a guy, he invested all his life focusing only on his dream career… Everything failed, because life happens, he couldn’t feed his family and after a while his wife and kids left him. He was around 12 years older than me, but we became friends for common interests (art, comics, drawing, games, etc).

Long story short: he doesn’t exist anymore.
While I split my focus a bit to keep going, he couldn’t handle failure on the only thing he ever wanted to do and depression consumed the life out of him.

Because of that, I always consider a dangerous “advice” when people say “-never quit!”… Quitting could actually be the solution for your struggles and possibly even save your life.

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Sad story… Sometimes its tricky to tell when you’re being weak / lazy and in denial, or when you’re heading down a dangerous path towards obsession. You can say try and enjoy the work, but even that means different things to different people… For some, only hitting Steam sales / Kickstarter targets can bring enjoyment… I have a lot of respect for game developers with families too… Frankly, I don’t know how they do it… Video games are like any other Art-form, totally unforgiving with your time… :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe developing ability to adapt yourself and keep an open mindset is the way to go.

We had become kind of close friends and all the time I stop to think what if the obsessed one was me, what I’d do in his situation… The last time I talked to the guy was 7 years ago when I left hometown, adapting was a must, not many things happened as I planned.
I talked to him a few times online and was very weird for both when I was explaining I had become a programmer;

When we did talk online I noticed he often pointed that learning English had become a barrier too high for him (we aren’t native speakers).
Then because he already had two kids he never left town and the fact that there wasn’t established industry there only made things worse… Later on he got involved with drugs and the rest is story.

So yeah, maybe half the trick is: don’t aim so high, focus on reasonable steps you can accomplish one by one instead of dreaming of dominating the whole world at once. We are humans and human is limited by nature.


Is that a motivation thread?no,i guess not.not for most people anyway.:slight_smile:

The Ultimate Motivation Youtube Channel

:slight_smile: Thanks for the channel

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To fail is to learn, to quite is to fail.