The Only Scripting Language for Unreal

Hello Everyone!

If you are having trouble with blueprints there is a solution, SkookumScript . SkookumScript was developed by Agog Labs, the language was designed specifically for game development. Currently, there is a scarcity of learning material for SkookumScript , we want to fix that.


We hope this will be beneficial for the Unreal Engine because the only language choice, as of right now, is Blueprints or C++.

Here is a couple of promotion trailers on youtube:
Here is our website:

Examples of how SkookumScript simplifies Blueprints:…re-skookum/282

Skookumscript official website:

Good description of how SkookumScript enhances productivity:

Skookumscript is already live and in use, and also its not done by you but AgogLabs.

You should probably state, what exactly you want money for, as it seems its either

  • GameDevelopment WITH SkookumScript or
  • courses for using SkookumScript


Also your site is really slow to load (36MB), lots of people will just close the site before it has finished loading.

So your site says Skookum is the only script language for Unreal Engine?? So Is this what this is all about just a programming
course to show you how to clone your own minecraft type games in Unreal Engine 4 ? is this what Timmy’s Nightmare is a
clone of Minecraft in 2d form?

After rereading the post, I agree with you. I made amendments to make the post more clear. Let me know if anything else is not clear.

It is a course that teaches game development with Skookumscript using Unreal. Timmy’s Nightmare is a platforming game.

Much better and clearer. I removed the wrong accusion from my initial post too as its unwarranted now with the clarification.

Just another hint: Maybe it would be good to have a free 5 minute video course to show how you would present the courses; i think this would probably attract much more people since then they would know what they really can expect. But i guess you would have done that anyway for the kickstarter campaign.


Timmy’s Nightmare looks ok if you like Minecraft style graphics or like Commodore C64 graphics
because it looks like a C64 disk game or tape game…

I saw Timmy’s Nightmare New Video, the enthusiastic guy that’s voicing in the background describing the game programming course he would be good if he volunteered to audition for one of my game characters to liven things up. Hes got the right type voice for doing one of my game characters…I read all about Timmy’s Nightmare and I think the timing of their launch is off and that its too early.

Digital Scribes said on their website that they don’t support the industry standards, so it looks like they just went their own way instead. The fact is all three of their games are not even GAME READY… (ready for the marketplace.) And none of their students can make games for the marketplace
because the games are half finished, (half of the game functions are all missing from all three games

no widgets,
no menus,
no instruction screens,
no icons,
no weapons
no buttons,
no pictures.
No Game Stats,
No Score System,
No Level Up,
No Counters,
No Title Screens.

And if that’s not bad enough they also don’t have the proper commercial quality graphics and textures for their students to use, their
students are doomed to making mediocre low quality games and can’t make high quality commercial games if they only given low
quality trashy graphics to work with like in Ice Drifter with the crude cheap cut ‘n’ badly pasted in ice caves and also in Space Goblins
which is the worst offender of all three because there’s graphic problems all across the whole board. So they screwed up not only
with their own games but also with their kickstarter as well. This disaster would not have happened had they stuck to the Industry Standards.

But saying to us they will only do something about it when they get in more people in to sign up on the course (get in more funding) dosen’t dig
their games all out of the deep amount of trouble that they are in. It will take at least 2-3 months of more production time to get
those games all fixed up and ready. They should’ve had the games fully all developed first before they even start launching the
courses. They should’ve also had all the commercial quality graphics and textures all set up and ready for so when the course starts
then the students can learn how to make games with the proper commercial textures and materials for the marketplace, or if they
can’t get them, they may have to hire a graphic Artist who makes commercial quality textures…

That’s the bottom line, yet they say if we get more funding we will produce more higher quality games. They can’t do so if they have
already rejected the industry standards from their games and set themselves 2 months behind of progress because all those bad graphics
have to be all stripped out and replaced with more better ones… The standards are there to prevent people from making blunders like this
that stop them from getting their game into the marketplace. Maybe they should’ve have changed their name to instead
Timmy’s Nightmare BLUNDER. I forgot my Industry Standards because I took the rungs all out of the ladder because I didn’t
like the rules and that’s why I goofed.

If any of your students have already signed up and paid up already in advance to try to get on course before it opens then those students will be expecting how to prepare games for the commercial marketplace which is why they will be willing to pay money to learn and if you guys at Digital Scribes have got nothing at all ready for them to work with that’s fit for going into the marketplace then there will be hell to pay, not one of those screenshots of all three of your games on your site has got graphics that are good enough or decent and clean and crisp enough for going into
the commercial marketplace. I can’t see your games making it in the commercial marketplace when their graphics are so messed up like that.

Its a disaster. Digital Scribes have jumped the gun before the games were even ready for the course, the games
do NOT have the right textures and graphics. Timmys Nightmare continues to drag on.

any examples of how this is easier than blueprints? Usually easier comes with limitations

Yes, we have a few videos that will be released. I really appreciate the feedback, I did not mean to be so vague before :slight_smile:

We went with 8bit style, it seems to be all the rage currently.

The course is aimed at complete beginners, someone with 0 experience in programming. If we can get people who have no experience in programming, to make something like what you see in those videos, we have done a good job. We want to help people who are having a hard time getting started, which would be many I assume.

The point of the games is to teach people how to program with SkookumScript. These games are for pedagogical purposes only, they are not meant to be commercial quality. If you look at most courses that teach game development, you will find that our games are on par or better than most. If you take a look at this successful course: Learn To Make Video Games - Unreal Developer Course In C++ by Ben Tristem — Kickstarter, by actually purchasing it on Udemy, you will find that we have given more effort to the games that we are making. When I first bought the course Ben was just using standard Unreal assets, like most game dev courses do. I do not know why you think that you need exceptional graphics to teach someone how to make games.

This post is excellent for that exact question:

Well a beginner course won’t get them in the commercial industry and those bland low quality graphics in your half done games won’t get them ANYWHERE at all in the industry period… We are not using those kind of low quality graphics anymore and we got better more powerful machines now that can produce much nicer graphics. . Now you say you just want to give them instead just a basic breadwinner beginner course with
only half finished games that have got terrible graphics, bland colors, and that Space Goblins has one of the worst mismatches I’ve ever seen
for Unreal Engine, its only got just a few colors and its all messed up, you couldn’t even get your logo for the game right because that too is all messed up. And the ice caves were stamped all on top and you didn’t even bother hiding any of the cutout edges and seams so the ice looks all ugly and cheap like it came straight from out of the kitty litter, and what appears to be the smudge tool used for the background, you say that
all this cut 'n’paste crude you call art don’t matter because Skookum to you is GOD and so GOD (Skookum programming) is far more important to you than having good decent graphics and presentation for your course. Just what planet are you guys on? You guys have a problem if you don’t think that presentation and nice graphics in your projects matter.

How can you make the course look presentable if your graphics do not represent the machines we are using today? Then what timewarp are two you stuck in? You don’t know how to do your weapon lighting effects properly, your glow effects are also the wrong color, this horrible yellowish green, the glow effect is also turned up far too much that its overriding everything else in the scene which by the way is almost
all colorless and dark so it brings it out the bloom effect even worse…

Your lighting is also all out of balance as well. You are both producing stuff that looks like it came from a couple of inexperienced amateurs. How can you two say you have years of programming and in art experience and then produce super low quality junk like you did with
Space Goblins and make it look like the graphics came from out of a ZX Spectrum. Your course is bleak to look at, because you had
ruined the ice for Ice Drifter, you mesed that up, you also ruined Space Goblins. Yet you say you just don’t care.

When are you guys going to and realize that you offering nothing visually in Space Goblins or Ice Drifter but a steaming pile of …
The course material is off-putting visually because the graphics don’t even match up to all the hype that you spout. I can’t
see people being interested in going on a course that provides awful looking dull bland graphics.
As for the tick. We don’t always have to use tick, we can also use timers and events instead.

SkookumScript is not my god, it is simply a better technology for real-time interactive simulations. There are various objective reasons for using SkookumScript over C++ or Blueprints, reasons that can be ascertained through its use.

Learning how to program is the goal of the course, the games are the vehicle.

“As for the tick. We don’t always have to use tick, we can also use timers and events instead.”
These are not generalized abstractions for the tick, they are specific, thus they cannot be solutions to eliminate the use of the tick.

Speak for yourself. I am very interested in Skookumscript learning materials.

But graphics are completely beside the point for programming tutorials. You can fill in the placeholders yourself?

It’s kind of sad that skookum script is the only properly supported scripting language though. While they do have some nice ideas, the syntax is crazy, the IDE is horrible, the licensing is restrictive…

That was highly unnecessary, I’m not even sure what was the goal of your post. You just made yourself look stupid.

How is doing a beginner course like that gonna help them with the game studios who are looking for quality work?. So you just give them just a introduction beginnner course with low quality stuff and after that just leave them hanging? Why would the professional game studios want
to switch over to using this Skookum language? What’s so great about it? I been hearing that Skookum causes issues in Unreal Engine.