The object bound to the track is missing (Camera)

Every time I setup cameras in sequencer and when I restart Unreal or undo, I lose the camera and characters.

It’s easy to update the characters again, with right click and assign. However the cameras totally lose their transform position. And I have to redo the camera’s from scratch. Very annoying.
Has anyone had an issue with this also, or found a solution?

Im using UE4 version 4.19.2

Same problem…

sounds like your objects aren’t saved in the scene you dragged it into

you could just turn them into spawnable in the sequencer, then they’ll just come along with the sequencer

I am experiencing the same problem unfortunately. I will drag a Cine Camera Actor to my sequencer, so it is a Spawnable. Then I will save the sequence, go back to my master sequence, and the second I go into my shot again the I will see the “The object bound to the track is missing” for the Cine Camera Actor.

Using UE4 4.27.1

Okay, apparently you will first have to add a transform key for example of the camera, otherwise the spawnable will not be saved :sweat_smile:

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