the obb file is too large

i use ue4 to export an android app,but the obb file is too large.
how could i do?

Make sure you delete the Mobile Starter Content, if you haven’t already, or if your game didn’t actually use it. A lot of people seem to forget to remove it and it adds an unnecessary 100++ MB to your OBB.

Also, don’t package a game with the “Android” option in the editor. Instead, choose “Android_ATC”, “ETC1”, “ETC2”, or any of the other formats (read this first so you know which to pick.). The generic “Android” option creates a massive OBB file, which is not what you want.

Thanks a lot!
but i cant find the “Mobile Starter Content”


get it ,now my games size is about 200MB in Android.thank you again.

Definitely helped i was using multi instead of a specific type