The new water system

I am evaluating the Unreal engine as our future engine and would like to play around with the water system illustrated in the Unreal Fest video here:

I was unable to find the git branch that currently contains this plugin.

Does anyone know which branch this code could be located in?

The branch to look at is DevRendering. It will automatically compiles to 4.26 atm. The Water system is there with some maps, but those are not final yet.

Thank you for the response. I’ve actually already built the 4.26 DevRendering branch and have been running with it but I do not see any actors described in the video nor do I see any plugins included that sounds like it would refer to the water system.

I only started using Unreal this month so there might be something obvious that I am missing.

You didn’t miss anything, the good stuff is just not there yet. During September, when the 1st preview goes live, it will be there, otherwise it could not be called preview :wink: