The new manager compilation

Hello, i have a problem with the new compilation blueprint. I updated my project from version 4.10 to 4.19. Now some my blueprints don’t compile, especially old and big blueprints. The new blueprints compile well. So i need to help. Screenshots below.

though in the compiler results is written " [0232,31] Compile of MyGameMode successful! [in 1 182 ms]", but the icon of the compile in the toolbar isn’t compiled, it is dirty, needs to be recompiled(you can see it on the first screenshot) and when i press the “play” button it says me “one or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor ? MyGameMode”.(you can see it on the second screenshot)
But when i restart the engine and press the “play” button error is gone. The blueprint “MyGameMod” is compiled and all is well.
Conclusion: after restarting the engine all is fine, but i can’t restart the engine after every compilation of the blueprints.

version 4.17 work very well with the new manager compilator.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile: