The new "Interpolate To" Movement Component

Hello, I see that in the release notes for the new 4.8 there is “The new “Interpolate To” Movement Component can be dropped onto actors. This will let the actor move automatically!”
Its not in the documentation and I can’t get this to work. Can someone describe how to do this?

Hey Malospam,

The new InterpToMovement component is quite easy to use. I’ve been using a it a lot since it was implemented. :slight_smile:

All you need to do is select the component and for Control Points select two points.

Position 1 will be your starting point for the mesh.

Position 2 will be your target destination.

Next you’ll want to enter the Duration for the amount of time it should take for the mesh to move between the two points.

There are other settings in here to do other more specific things like the behavior type and what it should do on impact.

Beyond this, you just need to make sure that you’re mesh is set to Movable and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any issues with this setup and I can help.


This seems to be the perfect starting ground for elevator platforms…
Are there any caveats or limitations on what it can do?

I figured I should use this thread to ask for a bit more info on this component as well.

Thanks for the quick rundown, I had a similar issue but was almost there. I failed to realize at first it needed 2 control points, my first thought was that it would use the actors starting location as a point.

Anyways, my
question, is if I were to set the behavior to PingPong, is there a way to change the behavior to pause shortly at each control point?

I looked at the code for the component and it looked like Pause on Hit is the property im looking for but this doesnt seem to do so. There seems to be some kind of functionality for “waiting” but im not sure how to invoke it.

Yes Tim if you could show me an example that would be good. I’m not sure of alot things like whether it should be done in the level blueprint or not, things like that etc as there is no documentation

I’d love a example about how to use that node to make something like this

The biggest shortcoming of the InterpTo movement component is that it operates by setting the world-space location of the actor in question directly, so any OTHER operations on the actor which would normally do this will break it.

For example, I have a floating platform BP which uses some SetActorLocation nodes to make it levitate around an aerial point rather than remaining fixed at it; this platform cannot accept an InterpMovement component because its own internal location setting and the component’s location setting fight each other.

Such a shortcoming is sort of expected (I don’t know how else the component COULD work) but I guess just generally my point is that any actor which tries to internally set its own location will not work with it, since the component operates in the actor directly and there’s no composition of the desired location of the actor from the multiple operations performed on its position every tick.

Interesting, where can I find the C++ implementation, does anybody know the classname?

How on earth do you activate the component? I’d like to activate the Interp on a keypress if the player is within a triggerbox. I see there’s an option for auto-activate at the bottom of the component but beyond that, I don’t know how to activate it in a blueprint. I added the component in the level editor so its blueprint doesn’t seem to recognize that the component is even applied to it, so I’m thinking I need to activate it from another blueprint, possibly the level blueprint but I don’t know how.