The new content browser

Hi all, getting used to UE4 and quite liking all the changes so far, one thing that is bugging me though is the content browser and how and where newly created assets are being saved. It all seems to get fragmented by project so a blueprint object made in project wont be visible in the next one.

Is there a way to view all content from the offset or shall I just save things to the main UE4 content folder?


Placing it in the main folder sounds like a bad idea to me. That will make it a mess and will give you problems further down the line.

Content separated per project is a good thing IMO. There is no viewing all content of all projects. However you can migrate content (I believe found in the rightclick menu in the content browser), or alternatively, which is what I do, you just copy paste the files in Windows. So find the blueprint you want to port over in Windows file structure, and copy over to the other project content folder.

Will give that a go. Am hoping they behave like archetypes from UDK so can be used in multiple projects. Thanks

Content should remain thoroughly separated from the Engine installation, the idea is that you only have one instance of the engine installed on a machine, rather than UDK where you had to reinstall the engine everytime you wanted a new project, which was a nightmare.

That’s nice to hear, it was annoying having to copy **everything **over every time.

You can create what is know as a Plugin I think which will allow you to share assets/code between Projects but I havent experimented with it :cool:

Ooooh where do you find this option?

Here are more infos about plugins: :wink: