The Neverhood UE4 - Learning Unreal, live on twitch

Hey everyone!

I recently decided to start my own development studio, where I would develop games as a solo developer (at first at least).
I come from an art and game design background with some technical understanding, and have to learn programming properly to do that.
I decided to start my studio with a project dear to my heart, remaking The Neverhood - and I’m using UE4 as this is the engine I’d like to work with mostly as a developer from here on out.
I’m just doing the demo parts of the game because creating the full game would be a waste if I don’t intend on publishing it, and I don’t, because I don’t own it.

I chose this project because I think it’s a nice one to start with if I have ground to cover, programming-wise.
And also because artistically, it’s an interesting thing to create - a game that looks like claymation, even though it’s full CG.

Here’s a screenshot from my current UE4 level, 2 weeks into development:
I’m live on Twitchevery day.
And if you want to see past content, it’s all on Youtube.
And you can follow my Twitterfor updates on schedules and stuff.

As the title says, I do this all live on Twitch. In fact the entire studio I’m trying to build is going to function like that, full transparency to whoever is interested. But in these early stages those who are interested are more likely developers than anybody else.
So I’d love to see you there with me while I’m making progress. I’m showing everything, from how I analyze the original game to understand what needs to be done, to how I execute the smallest detail of a texture, or any other component in the game.

So far, working in UE4 has been great. I didn’t work with it much in the past, but after about a week of tinkering I already love it. I hope this doesn’t get back to bite me in the future. :slight_smile:

great stream - hang in there :wink:

Updated the post with some links to the stream and my youtube channel, where you can watch past content.