The Nemesis Effect - FPS • Co-Op • Sci-Fi • Adventure game in development

Hello everybody!

We recently showed off the interactive prototype for our in-development UE4 game “The Nemesis Effect” during GDC Play and wanted to continue to spread the word about it here.

First, a couple videos because who doesn’t like videos?!?!? :slight_smile:

Teaser Trailer

[video]The Nemesis Effect (Teaser Trailer) - YouTube

Developer Diary - March 2015

[video]Developer Diary - The Nemesis Effect - March 2015 - YouTube

As you can see from the videos, we’re just exiting the prototyping phase of development and entering alpha. We currently estimate that we have about a year’s worth of development work remaining to achieve a shippable product but we feel like it’s never too early to start building a community around the game and gathering feedback that might help us throughout the development process.

Additional information about “The Nemesis Effect” can be found on the game’s official site ( and our Steam Greenlight page:

Thanks for checking out our project!

Michael Shotter
Owner / Lead Developer
Sun Shot Games