The name i want is all ready taken

Hello I’m here to talk about those people that just come login into epic game or fortnite or what ever and then take a username. Up to now no problem but when that dude take a name and then vanish from the internet. I think that his username should not be locked for ever come on. i just had an idea for a nick name and someone all ready took it. i don’t mind if he have that nickname but it’s getting very annoying when you can’t have the username of someone who doesn’t play anymore.
thanks for understanding me
and for trying to think for a solution to this problem

It’s simply first come, first serve. Epic won’t be wiping the details of anyone who holds an account, particularly as they’re tied to purchases.

You should be aware that accounts here are used for more than just playing games.

Have you tried to contact that person?

I have that problem, my standard nickname I use for all kinds of stuff is 0_Applevi_0, but when trying to make an epic account, so I could still play my Steam Rocket League, it was taken… although it rarely happens that someone is already using that specific name…

You’re logged into the Epic account with that name right now?

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You can have your rocket league name as anything you want via steam, i change mine all the time
…usually when ive been utterly appalling and need to pretend im not that guy whos a bit cack

lol, but yeah that’s why in-game you see 0_Applevi_0 from my steam and 0_Applevi_0 on this unrealengine account, but when someone adds me on my EpicGames account it’s suddenly TheKapiushon… which is my alternative nickname